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Justus Token

Fair play and transparent passive income: Justus Token Leads the Way






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Justus Token

About Justus Token

Welcome to Justus Token (JTT), where we're redefining decentralized finance with transparency and community-driven innovation.

Our vision:

We envision a world where DeFi can be fair, trustworthy and with 100% fiscal transparency. Those values, coupled with a deflationary JTT supply and sustainable passive income, are aimed to bring financial sovereignty to all our holders.

Deflationary supply:

No more JTT tokens will ever be minted and 1.5% of all trades will be automatically burned through our revolutionary ATB (Auto Token Burn) system.

Future Passive Income:

At JTT, we're not just a token; we're a pathway to future passive income. Holders of JTT can earn passive rewards through our unique staking and yield farming mechanisms. Let your assets work for you.


The community is our strength. You have a voice in our governance, shaping the future of our project. Together, we're creating a fairer and more inclusive financial ecosystem.

Join the Justus Token Movement:

Experience the power of financial empowerment and innovation. Embrace a decentralized future with Justus Token (JTT) and unlock new opportunities for passive income. Let's build a stronger tomorrow, together.

About Us


Total Supply:

The initial token supply of Justus Token (JTT) is set at 22,700,000 JTT.

Transaction Tax:

3% buy and sell tax with zero transfer tax.

Tax allocation:

1.5% allocated to Automatic Token Burn (ATB) and 1.5% for treasury.


The Justus League

An expert crew

Team member - RepublicOfTEXAS



Researcher and serial entrepreneur with over 20 US and worldwide patents.

Team member - Magus Tenebrae

Magus Tenebrae


Post graduated on business management, worked on 5 crypto projects since 2020.

Team member - Mydisguise



Over 10 years experience in the Crypto space.

Justus Team Leaders

Team member - RepublicOfTEXAS

Dr Mad

Events Manager

Electrical Engineer, avid Poker player, YouTuber and Crypto enthusiast

Lead Developer - aimkeyy

Nikolas Kypri

Lead Developer

Software Development, Project Managment, ISO 27001 and Quantum Computing

Justus Partners

Partner - Binance Partner - Coinmarketcap Partner - Dexscreener Partner - Pancakeswap Partner - Coingecko Partner - Metamask Partner - KC Consulting Partner - InterFi Partner - Eternull Partner - Flooz