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Justus Poker Tournament

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Why join Justus Poker Tournament

Justus Saturday's Poker Tournament is not just about poker; it's a community-driven event that offers you a unique gaming experience. Our tournament brings together crypto enthusiasts from all corners of the world, offering a platform for you to connect with team members and stay updated with the latest news in the crypto sphere.

What sets us apart? Well, we're proud to offer not one but two incredible jackpots - the elusive Silver and Gold jackpots. These exclusive prizes are something you won't find in any other crypto project, making our tournament a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

But that's not all. We've strategically placed our tournament right in the heart of the weekend, making it accessible and appealing to players from around the globe. Plus, we've introduced a unique poker points system, allowing you to earn points that can be exchanged for valuable in-game poker chips.

At Justus Saturday's Poker Tournament, we're not just hosting a game; we're building the most established crypto multiplayer poker community. Join us in this incredible journey, and let's revolutionize the world of crypto gaming together!

About Us

Our aim is to provide the number one Poker Tournament in the Crypto space

Entry Fee: Min: 50 JTT - Max: 1000 JTT

Progressive Jackpots:

About Us

Countdown to Poker


    7 and above players:

  • 1st place 45% of the pot
  • 2nd place 25% of the pot
  • 3rd place 15% of the pot
  • Below 7 players:

  • 1st place 55% of the pot
  • 2nd place 30% of the pot

Poker Points System

For every 100 JTT you buy in, you'll earn 10 poker points that equals 10 chips. Use them wisely – you can add them on top of your buy-in or even use them to discount your entry fee.

About Us